Connecting Consumers to Farmers

IMPAC™ is a consumer-focused website dedicated to providing farmers and agricultural business owners with a place to tell their story and be transparent. It’s an opportunity for growers to showcase how they use precision agriculture, why they use precision ag tactics, and what they do for their workers and the communities in which they operate. Our goal is to provide farmers with a voice that will allow them to connect with consumers and communicate just how committed they are to food safety and social responsibility.

Setting a New Standard

IMPAC™ standards are determined by the International Responsible Farming Council (IRFC)—a not-for-profit organization made up of consumers and farmers that promotes the use of precision agriculture. IMPAC™-labeled products meet the standards set by the IRFC. By promoting the benefits of precision agriculture, consumer demand for food and fiber produced with precision agricultural methods increases, which increases adoption of precision agriculture technologies by farmers.

There are three primary components to the labeling program:
* Best management practices (BMPs) to protect the soil and water
* Food safety certification from a GFSI-benchmarked audit with a score of 95% or above
* Labor protections by demonstrating compliance with local and USA federal regulations.

The IRFC recognizes that many progressive growers are already using precision agriculture, and are required to be audited for access to mass-market retailers.

Being a member of IMPAC™ does not require another audit and relies on inspections and audits that are already being performed.

Our Mission Statement

The International Responsible Farming Council promotes to farmers, agricultural business owners and consumers worldwide the use of precision agricultural technologies that conserve resources, enhance the production of safe, high quality food and fiber, and protect labor.

Spreading the Word

The IRFC advocates modern farming practices through its website, social media, and mass media. We take on current topics in production agriculture such as modern breeding methods, water, labor, and pest control issues. By using media outlets to discuss the regulatory and compliance environment in agriculture, we can shrink the gap between the reality of farming and consumer perceptions of farming.