Whether it’s plump, juicy strawberries for your cereal or fresh onions for your famous dip, you want to know the food you eat is safe and responsibly sourced.

IMPAC™ helps you make more informed buying decisions by connecting you directly with the people behind your produce.

Bringing Modern Farming Practices Into the Light

The IMPAC website provides smaller, forward-thinking agricultural businesses a place to share their story of innovation and social responsibility. Our farmers and ranchers are leveraging the latest in precision agriculture to maximize food availability while minimizing their footprint.

This includes practices such as:

Start a Conversation

Browse our farmer profiles, and you’ll see they’re ordinary, hardworking men and women with a passion for their trade. Since they feed their own families the food they grow, they want to ensure it’s safe to eat and produced in the most natural way possible. Farmers care deeply about the land they cultivate, which has often been passed down through the generations.

Most of all, IMPAC farmers want to tell their story. They’re eager to answer your questions about food safety and how they’re working to conserve farmable land for many years to come.

The IMPAC Seal: A Mark of Integrity

You can feel confident when you see the IMPAC seal on a website or on packaging in your local grocery store, it means a grower is committed to sustainable farming methods that respect the planet, their community and the consumers they serve.