Becoming an IMPAC Certified Grower

An IMPAC grower meets and/or exceeds the standards for certification as determined by the IRFC, a not-for-profit organization promoting the use of precision agriculture. The process is NOT an audit, but a verification of standards. Three primary components are required to be certified and bear the IMPAC seal:

  • Incorporate best management practices (BMP’s) to protect soil and water.
  • Participating in GFSI-benchmarked food safety audit with a score of 95% or higher.
  • Demonstrate compliance with local and U.S. federal labor protection standards.

Here are the steps of the certification process:

  1. Contact the IRFC to request certification. You may email your request or call 863-844-4280.
  2. The IRFC will provide a brief consultation and a checklist. Complete the checklist by uploading the necessary documents with a link we provide to you.
  3. A qualified inspector will perform a review according to the IMPAC standard.
  4. A report will be submitted to the IRFC for review and acceptance.
  5. If approved, an IMPAC Certificate is issued from the date of certification for one (1) year.
  6. If certification is declined, the grower can correct deficiencies and submit for re-inspection.

To maintain IMPAC certification, your operation will go through an annual review.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the certification cost?

Membership is based upon individual farms and range from $250-$500. For farms that also market for others, please call to discuss pricing options.

What happens when my year is up?

Sixty (60) days prior to the anniversary date, a renewal notice is sent out to and you may respond and request a re-inspection. A request for re-inspection will result in a repeat of the steps listed above.

What happens if there are problems with my inspection?

If any minor record keeping or training problems are found, a grower has 30 days to correct the deficiencies. A refusal to re-inspect or correct deficiencies will result in the certification being suspended upon their anniversary date. An IMPAC grower may have their certification revoked if found to be negligent or in violation of the IMPAC standards. Use of IMPAC marketing materials will be suspended for the grower, and customers and state agencies will be notified of suspension if required. Growers who have had a revocation due to a negligent violation will not be allowed to certify again for three years.

Once I get approved, when can I start to use the IMPAC seal on my products and marketing materials?

Immediately! Once you are approved, we will provide you with the logo and the guidelines for using the IMPAC seal on your packaging, point-of-purchase displays, and other areas of your marketing program.

I don’t have a design department or marketing person, can the IRFC help with that?

Yes, our goal is to provide our certified growers with as much support as possible that helps their business reach the consumer. We have a staff that can help with the design and implementation of the IMPAC seal, at no charge to you.

I am not a grower in the United States, can I still be certified?

IMPAC stands for International Member of the Precision Agriculture Community. If your operation is outside of the United States, but adheres to the same standards listed in our verification process, you may qualify.

The IRFC appreciates the opportunity to share the IMPAC certification process. Please feel free to call us at 863-844-4280 or email us with questions.