Why Become an IMPAC Grower?

As a farmer who works around the clock, marketing to consumers may be low on your priority list.

But with today’s emphasis on food safety and sustainability, it’s a must.

IMPAC can help you get your voice heard and your message out to the masses. When you display the IMPAC seal on your labeling and other materials, you brand your business as an innovator that’s dedicated to responsible agriculture.

What are the Perks?

Membership gives you a multitude of ways to shape your brand story and build a positive relationship with consumers. Your package includes:

Who is Eligible?

Any Highland grower or agricultural operation that is using soil sensors, weather stations, biological insects and/or a food safety program is eligible for membership.

Consumers are listening. Isn’t it time you start talking?

If you’re reducing your footprint and practicing sustainable farming methods using Highland technologies, ask your Highland representative about IMPAC or contact us. A simple checklist is all that’s required to join.