January is always a good time for reflection, planning and new beginnings. For many of us, a good portion of this time is spent imagining ways to achieve not only our ideal selves, but also our ideal world. Oftentimes, this includes eating healthier, being more environmentally conscious, giving back to our local community, etc.

If you’re in the Florida/Georgia area and your New Year’s resolutions include any of the above, opting for IMPAC-certified produce is a great place to start. Not only does purchasing produce from local farmers support the community, but it also encourages healthier eating and more sustainable farming practices.

And, with strawberry season in full bloom right now, there’s plenty of reasons why buying IMPAC-certified produce is beneficial for all parties involved.

Developing Healthier Habits

Many New Year’s resolutions are focused on eating better. Whether it’s to lose weight or have more energy, it’s important to incorporate fresh produce into any diet to encourage healthier habits. Strawberries are ideal for this. They have a variety of nutrients that each have some amazing health benefits, including antioxidants (which help prevent vision loss), Vitamin C (which help prevent certain cancers and heart disease), folate (which promotes prenatal health) and much more. Plus, they’re also the perfect fruit to use in a variety of hot and cold recipes, including this strawberry caprese salad, strawberry salsa, or indulge in some other variations here.

Contributing to More Sustainable Practices

Farming Drone

IMPAC-certified growers use precision agriculture in order to be sustainable. An example of this is the water sensors strawberry growers use in their fields, which allow them to reduce the amount of water they use on their plants, using only what’s needed. They also use drone, ground or satellite data to pinpoint exactly which areas need what treatment, which equates to less pesticides used overall and a much greener alternative for the environment.

Supporting Local Farmers

Purchasing IMPAC-certified produce means knowing your money is going directly back into the community. This allows them to grow and expand their businesses, while still keeping quality at the forefront. As an added eco-friendly benefit, supporting local also means not having to worry about the environmental impact of trucking produce across the country.

Enjoying Fresher, More Flavorful Foods

Fresh strawberries in mason jar

If you live in the Florida/Georgia area and see an IMPAC-certified label on your strawberries, you know that not only are those farmers local, but they’re growing their produce with the utmost care using precision agriculture best practices.

As many of Florida/Georgia‚Äôs leading strawberry farmers are now IMPAC certified, it makes it easy for consumers to incorporate this delicious produce into their lives. Strawberries may just be the perfect fruit to help get your body healthy and wake up from the winter doldrums. How are you incorporating fresh produce into your New Year’s resolutions?