By Vivian Howard

Having grown up on a farm myself, I have a deep connection to agriculture and the process of growing food, so much of my work and my message is centered around connecting consumers to their farmers.

I had the privilege of having some “field to fork” conversations with some IMPAC certified farmers like the McDonald family (Sweet Life Farms), the Astin family (Astin Farms), the Sizemore family (Sizemore Farms), and the Mathis family (Mathis Farms), to talk about their experiences working on and operating as family farms.

Hear what these families have to say by watching the video below—plus, get an inside look at how to make one of my favorite fall recipes: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad with Toasted Cumin Citronette.

Want to see the full recipe to this delicious fall dish? Download the recipe below and enjoy for yourself when you’re ready to make it at home!